Import a csv file to a module where "Months" are line items


Hi, Anaplaners


I am struggling with import data where one of its columns represents time "YYYYMM" to  a module where Time dimension is "Year" and "Month"s are a line items. Would you take a look at the attached to see what I would like to achieve ? Such an import ever possible ?

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  • Hi,


    Perhaps you have a good reason why you're loading into Standard Year + Line Item months, but if you must, do see if the following works:

    1. Load your csv file into 'Data Load' with Products, Standard Months as list.

    2. In Month Properties, create multiple Line Item months with formula FINDITEM(Time, "Jan " & RIGHT(NAME(ITEM(Time)), 2)). Replace Jan with different months in the different line items.

    3. In the Report 01 where you have Standard Year + Line Item months, do a LOOKUP of 'Data Load' by referring to the relevant Line Item Months in 'Month Properties'.

    Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 9.43.40 PM.png




  • Hi Gregory, 


    Is always tricky when you need to pivot the months..Usually to me happened the other way around:

    I sometimes receive source files with the columns as Months.. 🙂

    However, you can achieve what you need, but in more steps:


    1. Import the source file in a temporary module using a numbered list where all your source column will be line items

    2. In the new module create a line item "Year" with the formula

         Year Sales = Left(Sales Month, 4)

    3. Create another 12 new line items formatted as number for the months with formulas like this:

       Jan = if right(Sales Month, "01") then Sales Quantity else 0

       Feb = if right(Sales Month, "02") then Sales Quantity else 0

       Mar = if right(Sales Month, "03") then Sales Quantity else 0


       Dec = if right(Sales Month, "12") then Sales Quantity else 0

    4. Now you are able to import the data in your target layout

    Create a saved view within this module and create an action to import your data into your target using the new line-items

      Your target module need to have lists: Product, Year and 12 line items as months


    Hope this help!



  • mshaw


    I know this is an old string, but I am hoping you can share how you have accomplished the opposite of the original question:  transform a source .csv with months as columns to a target module with month as a field?


    Any help is appreciated.





  • do you have the real time dimension in your target module ?


    If yes, Anaplan might recognize the months in your file, worse case you can do so manually in the loading screen.


    If no, what is this time you then ?

  • mshaw

    Hi Nathan,


    Thank you for the response.  Great question.  Current proposed structure of the target module only includes a record "ID" and does not include the real time dimension.  Time will be created as a property via formula.  Attached screen capture provides more detail.


    Please note that the structure of the target module can be changed if there is a better way.  But the end goal is to transform the "crosstab" source into a more "database" style module.


    Does that make sense?


    Thanks again!


  • @mshaw I this case you will need 3 modules:


    1. D01: to store data from Source file and the months will need to be defined as numeric line-items.

    2. D02: Creating a line-item subset, COLLECT() data from Source module. This way you will pivot data in rows for the months. (maybe you will need a mapping module for the line-item subset, if you need a different way to store data in final module like using the Anaplan Time list). 

    3. D03: Final module to import data from the D02 module.  Here you can choose for the Time: property or use the Anaplan Time list.  Usually, I would choose for separate dimension for Time. 


    Hope it helps


  • mshaw



    Thank you for the reply.  This is very helpful.