Sorting Users in Anaplan


Hi Guys 


Does anyone know a way to sort users in anaplan . I am talking about the User setup / Access Area . 


I don't want to delete users and re-add sorted lists as it will generate email notifications to users . 





  • @karank ,


    I am not aware of a way to sort the User area.  May I ask why this is needed?  If it is truly needed, please use the Idea Exchange and get some friends to vote on it.



    Sorry about that,



  • Thanks @rob_marshall 


    My Clients user list changes more often than your typical environment . Having ability to sort either by name or role will help them tremendously . 


    May be i can have a user maintenance dashboard which (will enable sorting) and import changes from there . 


    Re:  Idea Exchange,  seems like its been requested ( List sorting) few times now . I will add add my vote to it .