Task option in anaplan

What is task option in anaplan ?. Can anyone give brief explanation on that.

task tab.PNG



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  • Hi,


    A Business Process is made up of 1 or multiple tasks. After clicking on a task (which you're currently not assigned any by the look of your screen shot), you'll be brought to a dashboard to perform a specific task, whether it's input, review, approve or reject.


    This is part of the Workflow functionality.


    You can download the user guide from https://community.anaplan.com/t5/Workflow/Updated-Workflow-User-Guide/gpm-p/39473#M82




  • Hi LipChean,


    Thank you for the response.But the link you have attached is showing some error message.Please can you help me with that.task link.PNG


    Keerthi Malathkar

  • Hi LipChean,


    I have requested to get early access a few weeks ago but nothing has happened. Can you please advise how to get further details on the new workflow incl indicative release timeframe?