Can we create alias names in anaplan?


Can we create alias name for time,versions dimensions in Anaplan? 



  • Hello Lakshman1997,


    It is not possible to generate alias on system lists like Period and Version.

    Only on normal lists you can work with a code and a name, but by default the name is shown in dashboards.


    A possible workaround could be to create an aliasmodule in which you have the time and a line item called alias. This lineitem you then can reference in a module to show the different name. 

    On columns you can then hide the 'real' name with column with. HOwever this does not work in the rows. So it's not a perfect workaround.


  • Hi @Lakshman1997 


    As @eije.wiersema says it is not currently possible without some workarounds.


    However this would be a great idea for Anaplan to incorporate within the model settings and allow users to change them! 

    So i've suggested it here -