Hierarchy change in planning years


How to save the data of the previous years when we want to change the list items hierarchy in planning years?

Other than creating a copy of the model, is there any solution??


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  • LipChean_Soh
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    Do see if the following works:

    There are 3 lists, i.e. Activity rolling up to Program which rolls up to Mission.


    The 'Activity Time Dependent Hierarchy' module allows you to assign the 'Program' to 'Activity' in different planning years.


    The existing hierarchy reflects the latest hierarchy, but the module 'Mission Report' will show the Activity values from previous years rolling up to the relevant Mission as dictated in 'Activity Time Dependent Hierarchy' module, using the formula = Activity Data.Data[SUM: Activity Time Dependent Hierarchy.Program]


    Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 10.11.39 AM.png





  • Hi @1434448,


    You could copy the module which holds the data and then delete the formulae so you have the structure.

    Then create a dummy time list (a non native time list) which covers the years you want to keep.

    Then make a module which maps the time to the dummy time list to reference as a lookup with a mapping line item.

    Then add the dummy list as dimension to the copied module and remove the native time dimension. 

    Then point all the line items to the original module and reference the look up module for the time reference mapping from native to dummy.

    Check it matches.

    Then delete all the formulae and you should have the blue data as a store which you can reference. 


    I hope this helps.