How to: Annual Repeating Value shown with Monthly phasing (rents etc)


I needed to take an Annual contract value, and model the payments by month at different frequencies and came up with a solution I thought others might find useful.


Here's the finished dashboard.

2019-05-30 12_47_28-Anaplan - POC Overlay.png


For each Site, you select a Payment Schedule. Input the Annual Contract Value and tick which months to allocate the payment to. The output uses the divides the amount using the payment schedule and the phasing for each site in each year.


I added some basic conditional formatting to highlight if more months than expected were ticked.


Blueprint views and lists below.

2019-05-30 13_01_06-Anaplan - POC Overlay.png2019-05-30 13_00_35-Anaplan - POC Overlay.png2019-05-30 13_10_04-Anaplan - POC Overlay.png2019-05-30 13_09_50-Anaplan - POC Overlay.png2019-05-30 12_58_22-Anaplan - POC Overlay.png


Hopefully this can help if you have a similar problem to solve, or could I have done this better?!



  • Good stuff, Joshua.


    I would just add that in alignment with the 'System' aspect of 'DISCO', it's encouraged to have a Payment Schedule Properties module, where Frequency is a line item that acts as a property.




  • Nice, Simple and sleek.

    My two cents, 

    I would look for options to prevent additional setups/inputs from the user, if it is acceptable to business, then to calculate the phasing from the lease start month, I would try to do that.

    For eg, Monthly does not need an input. 

    As well, Annual could be the month(lease_start), six month could be month(lease start), month(lease start)+6..something like that..

    If business still want to have a input, it could be an override upon the calculation.