Specify mapping options in the rest call


Hello all,


I would like to ask whether it is currently now an option or in future plans to specify mapping options when making an rest api call.


For example, we could append to the basic rest api call to trigger an import action:


things like:

/version/{version}/'Products P4'/'Column 1'/etc etc etc


Thanks for your time!

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  • ben_speight
    Answer ✓

    You can't override mappings in an ad-hoc manner, but you can specify specify values for dimensions that are mapped to "Ask each time import is run". For example to specify the Actuals version, the POST body when starting the import/process might look like:

    {"localeName": "en_US","mappingParameters":[{"entityType":"Version", "entityName":"Actual"}]}

     If you try and run an import with Anaplan Connect that has missing prompt-at-runtime mappings it will fail and tell you the extra command line parameters you need to provide. Once supplied, they become entries in the mappingParameters JSON array.