Announcing the Centers of Excellence Section of Community



At Anaplan, we know that enabling Connected Planning depends on more than just a technology solution. Our most successful customers are those that invest in a dedicated team of Anaplanners focused on breaking down siloes to truly make the most of cross-functional planning while maintaining high-quality consistency across their Anaplan footprint. And we believe that we can help create a mature and thriving ecosystem by providing self-service access to the resources, thought leadership, and direct conversations that support the creation of these teams.

To that end, we are excited to announce a section of Community dedicated to supporting our customers who are interested in learning more and building out this team, which we call an Anaplan Center of Excellence. This collection of resources is your one-stop-shop for your Center of Excellence needs, and we hope that you find it useful in empowering your independence along the journey.

What Is in This Section of Community?

In this section of Community, you’ll find everything you need to build and scale your Anaplan Center of Excellence. Here you’ll find introductions to common concepts, how-to guides on building various components of your team, and general thought leadership on best practices that we’ve learned from our customers who were early leaders in setting up their Center of Excellence.

The new areas you’ll find within the Center of Excellence section of the Anaplan Community.The new areas you’ll find within the Center of Excellence section of the Anaplan Community.

We’ll also use this space to showcase individual customer success stories (including our own Center of Excellence, the Anaplan on Anaplan team, starting with their Connected Planning Playbook), as well as Partners who can support you along the way. And of course, we will prominently feature a discussion forum so that you can connect directly with other customers to keep the conversations going on a more individual level.

An excerpt from the Introduction to Centers of Excellence article.An excerpt from the Introduction to Centers of Excellence article.What’s the First Step?

Ready to get started on your Anaplan Center of Excellence journey or take your existing Center of Excellence to the next level? Visit our discussion board and introduce yourself, and then read our Introduction to Centers of Excellence to kick start the process.

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