History not getting captured for Cell




I have entered 128 value in one of the cell in module.

However,after few days i could see value has been changed to 125.

Upon checking in the history,last value change is showing as 128 and nowhere 125 value change has been captured in history.

Please help on this.



  • Hi @Chamanpreet 


    Would be good if you test a few changes to see if it records these changes in the history?  

    Also could you provide a screenshot of the history. 

    It could be a bug but I doubt this, alternatively you can contact support@anaplan.com if its a product issue and they can check it for you too. 







  • Yes, have tried other changes in values.. All the changes are getting captured except for the mentioned. Below is the screenshot

  • HI @Chamanpreet

    I also see this strange behaviour sometimes and I also wonder whether is a bug or not as @usman.zia mentioned. 

    Other cause could that on the cell an import action has been performed to have the value changed.