What are the best practices to understand a model?




From a model builder point of view, what are the best practices to follow in order to understand an Anaplan model built already when there is no documentation available (no design docs) nor technical knowledge transfer?


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  • DavidSmith
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    Kind of depends how well the model was built.  If they followed the best practices it will be easier, but I'd follow the steps below:


    1. Look at Dashboards to try and get a feel for the process and flow for the users, understanding the modules and dimensions as you go along

    2. Use the model map and search the the ending module(s) from 1. , use the "selection" option to isolate the links in and out. Hopefully zero or now feeds out

    3. Repeat 2 as you build up a picture for the data flows back to the start and then look for any modules housing data and attributes

    4. Look at the actions in and out to see what data comes into the model, from where and where does it go to?

    5. You can use exports of the blueprints for line items, modules, actions, lists, etc. to see what is being referenced where


    This is exactly the reason why we advocate the PLANS modelling best practices to help in situations like this.  Logical and structured models with single purpose modules are much easier to audit and understand.  If you aren't familiar with what I mean, look at this page and the links below for other articles supporting the subject

    PLANS - This is how we model


    I hope that helps