Alternative Names for an Anaplan Centers of Excellence


We all know what we mean when we talk about an Anaplan Center of Excellence. However, like most things, there are as many variations of Anaplan Centers of Excellence as there are Anaplan customers. And among the many elements of a Center of Excellence that may vary from customer to customer, the name itself is often a significant sticking point.

One of the primary benefits of the Anaplan platform is that it can be entirely owned by the business users that depend on it without dependencies on an IT team for support, like most other enterprise platforms. That said, a Center of Excellence may be too reminiscent of these historical IT-owned applications; therefore cultural sensitivity is needed when naming your dedicated Anaplan team. Sensitivity in naming helps to ensure there is no confusion and that the group is owned and operated by the correct business function.

What follows is a brief sample of alternative names for your Center of Excellence that may assist you in determining that appropriate name for your dedicated group of Anaplan governance professionals.

Additional Names

  • Business Planning as a Service
  • Planning Command Center
  • Shared Business Operations
  • Business Operations Optimization
  • Central Planning Team
  • Planning/Anaplan Committee
  • Business Enablement Team
  • Community of Practice
  • Decision Acceleration Group

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