dashboard filtering

I have a 2 part question:

Part 1: I have a list of SKUs in a module that I've pulled into a dashboard. I want to put a filter on my dashboard in case someone wants to look up a particular SKU. I tried using a page selector but the drop down doesn't work. It's working backwards, when I select the SKU in the grid, the page selector changes. I would like to be able to select the item from the page selector and have the item show up at the top of the grid.


Part 2: I have a 2nd module where the SKU is called part number. I would like to be able to link the 1st and 2nd grids (SKU and part number).


Can anyone please advise how to accomplish both parts?






  • Hi Robin,

    Is it possible for you to share some screenshots for the 1st question. It sounds like you have the SKUs dimensioned as rows as well as have SKU list published as a page selector.

    I would suggest removing the SKU dimension from the module in the dashboard and using another line item to lookup the data. Then publish this line item as a dropdown in the dashboard