Anaplan's New UX is in Open Early Access

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Anaplan's New UX on a tablet and mobile.

Anaplan is excited to announce the open early access period for the new Anaplan User Experience (New UX). Take a look below to learn more about where you can gain access to the Your New User Experience area of the Community, as well as all of the benefits and resources you need to get you up to speed with the New UX:

Your New User Experience

Access knowledge articles, Community forums, New UX training, and a release blog for the New UX in the Anaplan Community.

The Anaplan User Experience

Discover why Anaplan is the business planning platform for the people by the people. Learn how you can connect your people in the right places at the right times for a personalized planning experience unlike any other. Check out our newly updated website for key New UX benefits, intuitive capabilities, resources, and more!

Anaplan User Experience Overview Video

The world is fast, unpredictable, and interconnected. Yet enterprise planning can still feel slow, isolated, and disconnected. At Anaplan, we believe there’s a better way to plan. See how our platform continues to give you the opportunity to do more in this New UX overview video.

Anaplan UX Brochure

Are you ready to elevate planning in your organization into an enterprise-wide conversation? In this brochure, you’ll learn more about our modern, sleek user experience, responsive multi-device capabilities, and the benefits of a planning platform built for the people by the people.

The Anaplan User Interface Data Sheet

Every business planner has a voice and with Connected Planning technology, every single voice can help inform and improve the decision-making process. In this data sheet you’ll read about key benefits of the Anaplan user interface, its intuitive features and capabilities, and cutting-edge components of the Anaplan platform.

We’re excited for you to join us as we continue to develop and improve our New UX for the platform. Let us know your thoughts on our New UX in the comments below!



  • Great, when the Early Access will end? And the platform available on production? 

  • KayneSchwarz
    edited May 2023

    Hi @gaetan_ed,

    The New UX is currently available in production so that you may connect to your models and build pages using your hierarchies and data. We will be in this early access period for the coming months as we continue to develop additional features that Anaplanners have been asking for. We will be sure to let you know when we are ready for a full GA period.

    In the meantime, be sure to read our Anapedia articles on the New UX in the New User Experience section which are linked above, and the contents on that page to learn where you may access the New UX in your models.

  • Hi @KayneSchwarz  Thank you for answer. 



  • jim_ma

    Hi, I've completed the UX online training and now have a few questions,


    1) Didn't see anywhere that the end user can save their personal views (i.e. hiding some rows/columns, pivoted worksheet). Is it possible?

    2) Can end user import CSV files into a worksheet UX page? 

    3) Can page builder publish an Anaplan model action to the board/worksheet page? 

    4) Can page builder publish an UX action to the board/worksheet page (i.e. open another page/app)?

    5) Can end user sort/re-arrange a hierarchy, or sequence of line item on the page? 

    6) Can SSO be linked to the UX app home page directly (bypass the Anaplan model list view) for end users?


    Thank you very much.

  • Hi @jim_ma - I posted some answers in a new forum post here:


    Thanks for your questions.


  • stirdam

    Hey @KayneSchwarz ,

    I have created an App using the New UX. I wanted a copy of this app so that i can freeze changes in the old one and start working in the copy version, but i couldn't find an option to copy this app. 

    Can you please clarify on this problem.


    Sunil Tirdam

  • Hi @CommunityMember88078,

    Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available. When it is, we'll be sure to announce it for all New UX users and provide supporting documentation on the feature. Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve the New UX.

  • Hi, I've just stumbled on the reason that I hadn't been able to access the new UX was that we run on ie. Will new UX ever run on ie, or have we got to live without the new ux till our IT decides it is time to update our browser?

  • Hi @Scorina,

    The New UX supports Internet Explorer v11 and above. There are currently no plans to support any versions earlier than that.

    Hope that helps!


  • Yes and no. We have V11, but the option for apps isn't there, mind you I've looked via my firefox browser today and its not there either so maybe yesterday was just a chance stumble into early access.