how to load data into sub-products in line items.


Hi All,


i am facing a small issue while loading actual data into line items.


we have two products category.

Products L1

Examples : TR,TW,UC.,,,

Sub Products L2

TR_M, TR_Q, TR_HY, TW_M, UC_M .,,,,,


Data file contains both products and sub-products can any one help me solve this. i am loading data via list to module.


getting errors in bellow.

1)Another row has already been processed with this key

2)Error in key for this row; refers to invalid list item: 3001




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  • Sheethal
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    Then create a unique key in your source file or while importing use combination of properties to get the row uniqueness.


  • You can load the data directly into the module instead of doing it via list, as the actuals data is multi dimensional and lists cannot store such data. This should solve your first issue.

    Invalid list item error occurs when you are trying to load data into a list formatted property & the corresponding data is not found in that list.
  • Hi Sheethal,
    thanks for your response very quickly.
    we can load directly via module but problem is we are bifurcating data into different modules using mapping to the list.

  • Hi Sheethal,

    can you please help me how to create unique key in source file .

  • Harsha
  • Harsha

    You can create unique key in source file by concatenating columns which makes unique and import it as code into list.
  • Hi Uday, 


    "Unique key" or "Primary Key" are concepts that are coming from relational database. You can find a lot of explanations/documentation on internet about these. 

    You can consider the data file that you want to load in Anaplan as a "table".


    However, in order to identify a "unique key" of your file you need to answer this question:

    What is the criteria to identify uniquely a row in the file ?

    Is it already present a column that could identify uniquely a row in the file? (something like Invoice_ID ?)

    If not, is there a combination of columns that could give as result a unique key of the file? ( example: Customer_ID + Product_ID + Date ?)

    If you still do not have a positive answer after you concatenate all the columns of your file, then you need to return to the provider of the file and ask him/her to group (aggregate) the data based on the columns of the file in order to have a possible unique key of the file. 


    If you will have a "unique key" of the file then you will be able to use "Choose properties below to build the unique identifier for the imported items" option when import data in the numbered list without receiving any error. 




  • Hi Alex,


    Thanks for your response, I will check get back to you.