Product Hierarchy


Hi there! We have one prod hierarchy but we would like to introduce a new one that is linked to the top level but splits afterwards. One business unit should be able to see the other and vice versa. Currently, we have : -All products     -Commercial Business Unit     ---Prod Line     -----Prod Fam     ------Prod Sub-Fam     -New BU     ---Prod Line     -----Prod Fam     -------Prod Sub Fam We would like to add a new BU.  This new BU needs to be linked to All Prods but it's hierarchy of product needs to be invisible to the Commercial Businesss unit.   Is that possible? Thanks for the help & insights  🙂  



  • Hi Thomas

    Yes you can make the product dimension to define security and deny access to new list item for all the users whom you would not want ot see the details of new item.