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i have a custom version = actual, plan, forecast Q1, forecast Q2, forecast Q3, forecast Q4.

how to use switchover on custom version ?, or if i cant use switchover, how must i do it ?



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  • usman.zia
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    Hi @Panji 


    It is possible to create your own switchover functionality. 

    This will require the use of some IF statements to indicate the conditions for when the switchover should occur.


    To do this you need to create a module which stores the time period setting for when the switchover should take place.


    This module should contain a single line item with no dimensions and a time period format. In this line item you can select which period you wish for the switchover to occur. Call the line item 'Switchover Time Setting'.


    Then create a module dimensioned by time and which includes two line items both Boolean formatted. One to indicate the boolean for the switchover version and one to indicate the boolean for the actual version.

    Actual version? line item formula IF ITEM(TIME) >= 'Switchover Time Setting' THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE

    Switchover version? line item formula IF ITEM(TIME) < 'Switchover Time Setting' THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE


    Then in the module where you wish the switchover to happen you then reference the booleans from the module described above. 

    Such as IF Actual version? then Your Actual Data[SELECT: Dummy Actual Version] ELSE IF Switchover version? THEN Your Forecast Data[SELECT: Dummy Forecast Version] ELSE 0 


    Also instead of selecting the fixed versions you could create a module where there are two line items 'Actual' and 'Switchover' with the version list format and then set which is the actual version and which is the switchover version. And then make the SELECT references in the formula above to reference these 2 line items instead giving you flexibility to change the versions for the switchover to occur.


    I hope this helps and if you have any questions please do let me know.









  • Panji
    hi @usman.zia
    thankyou for your answer.

    but i forgot to telling, i created custom version using list
  • Hi @Panji 


    Yes the solution I have described is used for custom version lists (where you have created a list which contains your own versions).

    This is why you have to create your own switchover/blending functionality as Anaplans switchover functionality only works with Anaplan Versions. 





  • Just to flag up you do not need to write this:

    IF ITEM(TIME) >= 'Switchover Time Setting' THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE

    You can write this instead:

    ITEM(TIME) >= 'Switchover Time Setting' 


    Also, don't forget using Dynamic Cell Access if you need to control periods and version combinations


  • How can we copy custom version?

    Assuming I have a custom version Jan FC, now I want to start a new version Feb FC. How can I copy first full Jan FC into new Feb FC which is effectively a member of the custom version list

  • @shoaib986 


    Using the Bulk Copy feature in the Versions area...




    Select the list:



    Then select the source member as well as the target member.



    By doing this, you will be copying all data (in every module defined by that list) from the source member to the target member.



  • How can we copy native version to custom version list?
  • Panji
    @shoaib986 If you mean import data form native version to custom list?

    the answers is yes it can, But you beetween native and custom need to have same name, and you just need create import action