Exporting table from DB into file with all data from table including zero data rows/columns



I have this table in a dashboard and when I export this table into an excel file, it only shows the rows that have a number > 0. See pics attached. How can i export it so that it exports the whole table, including everything that has 0? 






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  • rob_marshall
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    @aabalos ,


    Once you save the Export the way you want, it will be set within that Export action.  But, as a best practice so others don't have to go through this Easter Egg hunt, I would create a view with the appropriate filtering (the funnel) based off a boolean line item.  Lastly, the last little dropdown is very important, especially if you want others to be able to run it.  If you select Myself (Keep Private), others will not be able to see the data exported, but if you specify Everyone, then others will be able to consume it.






  • @aabalos ,


    Ensure no filters are defined in the view (the funnel at the top) or on the export itself.  For the export itself, go to Actions and towards the bottom under Exports, find the export action in question.  Click Edit and ensure the "Include Empty Rows" is selected.



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  • Hi Rob, 


    Perfect thanks! This is exactly what i needed. Now is there a way to set this as a default for everyone? Or do they need to remember to click on this every time they take an export?




  • Perfect! This worked thanks 🙂