Import Failure while importing from one line item to another in same module.


Can anyone explain me the cause of the error " No value loader exists for this type: NONE " . Error Details.PNG

Any help would be appreciated.


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  • usman.zia
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    Hi @aakash 


    As @Hayk  mentioned the DCA you should try removing the DCA and seeing if you have this issue and then you will know if its the DCA that is causing the issue.






  • Hi @aakash 


    This error could be due to importing from one format to another. Such as text to number or a list to a non list format, or date to text. 


    It would be good to see a screen shot of the where you are importing from and where you are importing too.





  • Hi @aakash ,


    do you use DCA for target module/line item?




  • @Hayk 

    Yes I am using DCA for the Target . Please let me know what impact will it have on the import .

    There is no difference of dimensions as the source is a view of the target module.

    I have verified both the source and target have same format (Boolean)

    Please find source and target below respectively. (First one is source and second one is target).



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  • Hi @usman.zia , @Hayk 

    I tried removing DCA and the import is now working fine. But still I can't remove DCA from the module as per the business requirements , can you suggest some workaround for the same problem? 

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  • What’s does the DCA drive? Because you could use this to create a saved view driven by the same Boolean that drives the DCA using filtering.

    You could create a saved view and test to see if having the saved view is the same as having the DCA? However depending on how you create this view there will be a risk of being able to access the source module data but you will need to test this.

    I hope that this helps.


  • @aakash ,


    Since you are using DCA and that field is read only, you will need to either have someone else load the data who has write access or create a process where the process first changes the DCA access to write, loads the data, and then changes the DCA back to read only access.


    Hope this helps,



  • Hi All

    Thanks for all your suggestions but I am still unable to understand how does DCA interferes with the import as it is clearly mentioned on the anapedia that workspace admins can import data into all the cells including read only and invisible cells.anapedia.PNG

  • Hi

    What I observed was that when I don't specify a read access driver but do specify a write access driver , the import does not work whereas when I turned the field to read only from invisible by specifying a read access driver, the import is working fine.


    Thanks and Regards