Hi all,  We are starting to use Anaplan and we wish to know if there is any way to export the full model for backup proposes? Kind regards, Tiago 



  • Hi Tiago,

    Do you need to download a local copy, or just preserve a backup of the current model?

    If you just need to preserve the current model, you can do this under Manage Models -> Copy & Archive, which creates a clone and automatically archives the model (and does not count against your storage size limits).  However this only stores the model within Anaplan, and does not provide a local version of your data.

    If you need specific data downloaded to local storage, you can create export actions for each List and Module (under Data -> Export), and then create a Process Action to string them all together (in the settings menu, in Actions, New Action -> Process..., then edit the new Process to include all of your exports).  This will provide one button/action to export all your needed data to local storage.

    Hope that helps, good luck!

    -Chris Weiss
  • Hi Cris, 

    I want to have a local copy of data and the model.

    Regarding to the local copy of data your answer solve our problem and regarding to the model theres is any way to export it? 

    Kind regards, 
  • Hi Tiago,

    I'm not sure if there's a way to do a full download of the data of an entire model, but assuming there isn't, probably the best way to go is to create export actions for each individual dataset you need to download (each list and module with data you are looking to back up), and then string them all together in one Process action to run every export with the click of one button.  Hope that makes sense, anything I can clarify further?

    -Chris Weiss
  • Hi,
    you can exports indiviual modules on Excel, but not the full model.

    I understand that you will be in places where you have no internet connection and where you wish to look at your data. But you will not only LOOK at your data. You will want to CHANGE your data and to reload them when back at the office. 

    But that's not the way history going to. That's not the spirit of a smart business plateforme.

    If you "download" your model locally you get disconnect from the collaborative decisions and data entry. When later you will "reconnect" ti the wold, you will realized that you have lost all the new decisions. You wil be out of date.

    I have been working with tools which allow for a loal download, years ago. At those times, collaboration was really poor and low, but even then when the user reconnected the models, he was out of date. Years after, in today's wolrd, diconnection is no longer a god idea.

    For the time being the 4G does not allow for global connection to the interent anywhere. Wait for the 5G to come !

    And till then, use the Excel Export to look at your summary P&L.

    Sorry for this.
    Kind regards.
  • Hi Mickel, 

    Thanks a lot for you answer but you are missing the point.

    The main objective is only to have a backup of the model outside of Anaplan Servers, we don't plan to use it outside.

    Is it clear what it our need? 

    Kind regards, 
  • Hi Tiago,
    thanks for correctng me, you are right.

    If you go the the module menu, in the setting tabs, you can click on the third tab of this menu and export the all grid. That will gives you a full backup of the model, wehther on Excel on on txt file.

    That's for the meta data and the structure of the model.

    If you are asking fr data etry celles, one approach if to use Analan Conect for exporting data from relevant modules. Some peoples are building a dedicated module to centralized all relevant data of a model and export only this module.

    Hope it answer the point.

    Kind regards.