Data Mapping for Import failing


Dear Community,

I need a help. I am trying to import import the Unit Cost and Sales Price. My file image 002 depicts desired output. Image 03 is the .csv file to be imported.

But I am unsuccessful. I need help badly.

Kindly guide me.


I have shared screenshots for reference.

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  • Hi @Marble_Rock , 


    I see that your target module has TIME as a dimension, while in your source file there is no such column as time. 

    Therefore, I would add for the Time "Ask each time import is ran" so then you import month by month, for Products and Versions is okey (although for versions you can also add "Ask each time..." but is up to you) and Price Book is column headers (and then in the last tab you will get the option to map Unit Cost and Unit Sales Price. 


    Good luck!

  • Thanks Manuela for your generous help.

    I followed your instructions and selected FY15. 

    The data got populated except for the month of January.

    Can you please assist me with this.


  • HI @Marble_Rock , 


    I would not have selected FY 15 but just Jan 15. As you do not have the time dimension in your source file, my understanding is that what you have is information of a specific month. 


    Other than that, there is no way you can get  months information (an extra column) in your source file?