201 course activity 4


Hi !

I'm taking a class activity 4 of 201 and trying to import data of 2015headcount. But I failed to import in terms of stat and end date. I'm thinking the reason is that  I used a different date format.

So in the guide line, there is written " select the Rep Setup
Line Item Tab in the mapping wizard and choose Custom Mapping." , but I couldn't find the Custom Mapping.

Are there anyone knows where Custom Mapping is??






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    Make sure that the format are correct as above and set the date for MM/DD/YYYY.

  • Thank you for your reply.

    My format is the same as you, so I should change date to MM/DD/YY.

    Where can I change the date to above it, not changing the browser date?  Until now, I could change the date through column of importing data.