How to apply conditional formatting in new UX?




I am working with the new UX and struggling with the conditional formatting, I have applied the conditional formatting in Anaplan module, however,I am unable to see the same once I publish that on Page.
Please find the attachment, I have added the screenshot.


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  • DavidSmith
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    Did you save the conditional formatting as part of the default view, or a named view for the module itself?



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    As a best practice (Planual 2.04-3) the default view should not contain any formatting.


    Also, to help with the New UX, it is worth prefixing NUX as part of the view name, so that you can search for them more easily in the NUX page builder



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  • Hi David,


    Just curious why not include conditional formatting a modules default view?  I normally include it as it is automatically applied to any views I create subsequently, and I find the formatting is normally relevant across multiple views.  Is there a performance or technical reason driving this?  I completely agree with the other mentions in 2.04-3, but would love to know more about the conditional formatting instance.





  • @ujourney 


    Totally a performance piece in that when module is rendered, it then has to apply the conditional formatting and/or filtering.  It is best to leave this as is, and then set the conditional formatting/filtering in the views.



  • Thanks Rob!