Master Anaplanners @ CPX!

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The 2019 Connected Planning Xperience (CPX) was an incredible event for everybody who attended—from the unique venue and pier experience to the new product announcements and launching of a comprehensive set of model-building best practices. The experience was particularly special for Certified Master Anaplanners—our highest-qualified Anaplan experts and champions—who we really rolled out the red carpet for this year.


The Master Anaplanner Connected Planning Xperience

MA Xperience.jpgFor the past few years, we’ve treated our Master Anaplanners as VIPs at our annual conference, and this year was our most extravagant celebration of these experts yet. There was special access to an exclusive lounge where Master Anaplanners took a breather from the intensity of the conference and were able to connect with like-minded experts. Once there, they received high-quality Anaplan swag, such as boutique local truffles and a Master Anaplanner-branded Patagonia jacket—though the golden lanyards proved to be the star of the show, setting Master Anaplanners apart from the crowd.

panel.jpgOne of the most unique and new experiences this year was a private breakout session where six members of our Executive Leadership Team took time out to connect with Master Anaplanners directly in a more intimate setting, emphasizing their value to the Anaplan ecosystem and discussing their critical role in evolving and maturing the program. With key takeaways, such as individual ownership for training three new Master Anaplanners and dedication to additional contributions in the Community and Product roadmap, the message from our leadership was clear: The success of our company and platform are tightly linked with the success of our Master Anaplanners, and we are committed to investing in their success for the long haul.

What We Heard

WhatWeHeart.jpgPaying special attention to the details and creating a welcoming custom experience for Master Anaplanners was a huge hit! One customer said that they especially appreciated the perks of the dedicated lounge and custom-curated swag, making them feel really special. And we were thrilled to hear that the Master Anaplanner certification reminded people of the top Oracle and SAP certifications. We are always looking for new ways to show how much we value our Master Anaplanners, and the positive feedback received after CPX affirmed that our commitment is in the right place and working well.

We believe that Master Anaplanners are the most engaged and excited participants at our events, and we want to do everything in our power to help them get the most of their experience. Even the little touches, like having a private place to charge your phone, can make a huge difference. We’re glad that Master Anaplanners appreciated our efforts to enhance their conference experience.

As our ecosystem continues to grow and mature, it is crucial that we identify our top experts and treat them like the rockstars that they are. We know that the future of our technology is dependent on the success of our most savvy users, and we will continue investing in this program to ensure the next generation of Anaplanners have a well-defined and reliable set of role models to lead the way.

More CPX 2019 Highlights:

Connecting Post-Conference With Master Anaplanners

Connecting.jpgCPX was an amazing opportunity for Master Anaplanners to connect and share their visions of Anaplan and Connected Planning, but that's just the beginning! There are plenty of ways to connect with Master Anaplanners after the conference. While the best way to get the ear of a Master Anaplanner is to become one yourself (and gain access to things like the Master Anaplanner lounge and the private Master Anaplanner Community User Group), you can also find Master Anaplanners at your local user group meetups and hanging out on the Community discussion boards. Whether you spot them by seeing their golden conference lanyard, their Master Anaplanner Patagonia, or the Master Anaplanner badge on their Community profile, you’d be surprised at how close by the nearest Master Anaplanner truly is—and they’re always willing to lend a hand to somebody in need of some quick model-building support.

We hope that our Master Anaplanners are feeling the Anaplan love and that everybody had an incredible time at CPX, regardless of your certification level. Please let us know if you have any questions about the Master Anaplanner program or if there’s anything we can do to help, by emailing us directly at How has a Master Anaplanner supported you lately? Share your stories in the comments below.