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I have set up employee list where in cost center is the parent. But how will the change of cost center be handled in Anaplan? If I just change the parent of the employee then the change is retroactive which should not be. 


Any suggestions?





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  • DavidSmith
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    @anirudh @Ana22 

    You don't always need to create a numbered list hierarchy for all combination.  It depends on how you want to visualise the data

    If you just want totals at Cost Centre level, then the flat list in a module with time based attributes is perfect.  You can always filter on the flat list for the breakdown

    You can then just aggregate up and it also gives the ability to create snapshot hierarchies if needed for retrospective analysis





  • anirudh

    Hi Ana, If the cost centers are expected to change for employees, then there should not be a parent-child relationship between the two. Instead, try creating a concatenated list of Employee and cost center. This way, an employee will not be restricted to a single cost center and can be moved to any cost center as necessary


    Please let me know if this helps



  • Ana22

    Hi @anirudh 

    Thanks, does that mean I should just create a flat list of employees with no parent and just add a property for the cost center?



  • anirudh
    Yes, the employees list should be a numbered list and the code should be set to Employee Code-Cost Center Code. You can then use the cost center property for rolling up by cost center.

  • Hi Ana, 


    I think an idea that you can consider is that under the cost-centers you do not have "employees" but "positions" that are filled in by the employees. 


    As already suggested, you can consider having a list of "positions" as a combination of Employee + Cost Center to solve these situations.  And this combined list will have as parent hierarchy the Cost center list. 


    This way, under the old cost-center, the historical data will remain untouched and a new element will be created under the new cost center. 


    Both elements will have as property the same "employee code" to have a common property that links both positions.

    However, this means that you will need to consider to have 2 lists related to the "employee":

    - One list with "Employee" list with general attributes (name, birth date, etc...)

    - second a list of the "Positions" as a result of the combination of the Cost-center + Employee code which can have as parent hierarchy "Cost-center" list


    If you want to create a more general model also for budgeting/forecasting (when you do not know the employee codes of the new employees) you can think at the "Positions" list under the cost-centers as a totally separated list and not necessarily the combination of Cost-Center and Employee code. 


    Hope it helps