Retrieve user details when Importing to list


I have a module where the user populate a few line items with information, which is then imported into a list and used further on in the model. However, now the client wants to include a column (line item) where they can see who made the new "transaction", that is, the user that is logged into Anaplan.

So my question is if it is possible to somehow retrieve the user details and them publish them into a line item by some formula. 

Thanks a lot, any help is highly appreciated!



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  • DavidSmith
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    We don't have a Current user function (it is something that has been asked for), but one solution is to dimension the input module by the users list

    You could then use that for the follow on import, as the user (email address) will be a "column" in the data source module

    Will that work?


  • DavidSmith
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    Just as a follow up you can format a line item as users and use FINDITEM(Users, User Text) if that helps



  • Hi David,


    This might be a good solutions. 

    When you write "User Text" in the FINDITEM-formula, would that be the email-address I want to add? But if I do that, it would be static and say the same thing no matter which user is making the import, correct?


  • @fredrickstraube 

    Yes it is the email, but that was just for additional info and wouldn't work directly for your issue


    I think the way to go is to have a module by User. An end user will only have access to their "slice" of the input module by user, so they should only be able to import into there (I haven't tested that to be honest!)

    You can set the module to show all users (applicable to admins), meaning when a user runs an import from that module, it will only pick up them, but when an admin runs it it will pick up all user entries.

    So, it kind of depends on how you want the process to work


    An alternative is to put the email as part of the initial import, if that is possible.  I don't know how that initial import is formatted

    I hope that helps


  • Hi David,

    Thanks a lot, I now know how to progress!


  • Excellent!

  • My user List contains 2000 items and Input module contains 931317 items, which is increasing the module size drastically to 2,494,450,336, causing the Model to Crash while opening.


    Do you have any other solution, considering the Performance in mind.