Sorting of list when used as line item


I need to change how list hierarchies are sorted when used as format for a line item. See image below;

Anaplan sorting issue.pngIn this case, I have 2 lists, where the ones named "Parent" are L1-level and "Child" L2-level.

As shown in the images, the child are above the parent. I want it to be the other way around. Does anyone know how to do that?

Any help is appreciated!



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  • alexpavel
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    Another way to change the order of the elements with "parent first" is to activate the security on the list that you need to change the order, give access to all the users at "total" of the list and, very important: in the formatted line-item flag "Selective Access" (see attached picture).


    For some strange reason, activating on the line-item the "Selective access" or creating dependent lists as @DavidSmith suggested the order of the elements changes with "parent first".


    However, is quite frustrating that is not possible to control this behavior.  🙂