Dynamic Display based on Time Period Type


Retain views with multiple types of time scales/periods in the same view during YoY rollover, for multiple line items or list items, in a single view.


Vertical/Columns- Time/ Line Item
Horizontal/Rows- List Members

Line item 1 - Year only
Line item 2 - Non-applicable (Display Full Year Only)
Line item 3 - Show all Months and Year as a summation type (SUM, All, Any, etc.)

Current Solution (Non-Sustainable for YoY roll over):
Hide the months for each line item that doesn't require months, use a filter from a time module to hide all Qtrs, and only display Mths and FY values.


Current Alternative Solution (For YoY roll over, but inefficient and causes Usability issues):
Create an end user view module, create line items for each intersection of month, year, and non applicable (Eg. Current Quota Jan 19, Current Quota Feb 19,..., Rep Name, etc.) and reference the calculation module and time module. During YoY roll over change the numbers for the line items names.

Intention/Possible Solution with platform change:
Set Dynamic Cell access/filter to booleans based off of intended date types/periods, within the line item as a method to manage referenced time module (use filter feature to target created dynamic period display grouping) I don't know of a good way to explain this clearly, sorry.

Alternative possible solution from a platform change:
Properties being displayed attached to each list member. (Not currently possible; think the 3rd export tab, but on views/modules, no longer having to reference in module if it is a property, displays only once in time utilizing modules after the list member)

Is there any other viable solutions for the current iteration of the platform?

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  • obriegr


    In your linked article at the bottom you stated that it was not possible to combine filters with Line Items dynamically. This is quite literally what I am asking if there was an alternative to do, so that the view isn't lost on YoY roll over. Eg.Trouble Example.JPG