Cut line item list formant



I've got line item formatted as a list. This list has got a different level of summaries.

Is there a way to cut somehow this dropdown list so the summaries wouldn't be included, ie there would be only items at the lowest level of the list?


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  • DavidSmith
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    The only real way to do this is to create a flat list comprised just of the children and then map the input to the hierarchical list



  • Got it

    Thank you!

  • HI @Vladimir ,


    You can use dependent drop down option to ignore the parent level items in the drop down.




    I have 2 line items. One with top level parent list formatted (In Applies to make it as blank ) and One with child list formatted.


    Cut line item list formant.PNG

    Select the top level item in the line item 1 and in the 2nd line item make it as dependent drop down of the above.

     Cut line item list formant 1.PNG


    Cut line item list formant 2.PNG


    In this way you can ignore the top level items. Let me know if you have any concerns.


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  • Hi @kavinkumar 

    My list doesn't has any parents, it only has multiple summaries, so I think this won't do