Hide pages a user does not have access to?


Is there a way yet to hide pages from a user who doesn't have access to the underlying modules?



  • Yes, I agree - it will be nice to limit the access by NUX Apps/Pages - This is causing a lot of confusion to the end-users.


    Hope Anaplan is working in this direction 



    Raj Arkala 

  • Hi @tyler ,

    I am assuming that you've come across this feature already.
    But I just want to make sure that anyone who lands on this thread will actually find the solution.

    This functionality was actually included in the Q1 2020 release. 
    Here is a video on how to restrict access to certain user roles on UX pages.

  • @tyler 

    Just to add to @BCSFB video link, here's a screenshot. You can restrict by role. Click on page settings from the "..." next to each page.