Accessing the new U/X for end users


Hi, have you got any idea of how/when end users will be able to access the new U/X properly?

Currently we go into our tile view of all our existing models in the existing u/x, and then have to select the new u/x in the top blue toolbar.

That's not an ideal user experience, and I expect at some point we'll be doing something like swapping this experience round, so the home page / tile view automatically shows the new U/X.

I'd be loath to give end users access to the new U/X until the initial landing navigation is sorted out.


Thanks, Andrew.



  • Jarred

    + 1 on this.


    Is the expectation this goes away with the roll out of the new Home page? 


    I can say from experience when I gave access to a set of new users they actually went in to classic ux and then into the new. It was the only thing that didn't go well for us on our roll out quite frankly.


    Some comments on timing and expectations would be extremely helpful as I plan our next phase.