Anaplan history not updated correctly

Hi Experts,


We are using the Anaplan model from the last 3months.


Now, when I check the history I am not able to see any history of the model.


Is there any setting for showing history in Anaplan ??


Please help me with this.







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  • kavinkumar
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    Could you please make sure is that model being used for last 3 months or is it a copy of a model(That is existing for last 3 months.).

    Note: If it is a copy model, you will not be able to see history. History will be captured if you do changes in that particular model.

    Hope this helps!




  • Hi Umamahesh,


    Just to make sure I understand you correctly, are you refering to the following history log?


    As far as I know, this history log is not related to any model settings and should log any change to the data/user settings. Have you tried setting the time range to "All"? 


    Note however that this log does not show development changes, development changes can be tracked with ALM! 





    Bram Kurstjens