Cannot import List from Dashboard



I have now a trouble to import data file to List which is published to a dashboard.

No list cannot allow me to do import.

Error message is here

"Sorry, you do not currently have access to run any imports."


Would somebody help me, please


  • Can you check if you have access to the action, list.



  • I have Full addceass rights, and I am workspace administrator.

    And action rights to the list is checked, and also production data flag is checked on list configuration.

    when I import from list on Setting directrly, it is no problem to import the file.

    however, cannot to import it when try to import from dashboard after publish the list to a dashbaord.


    Anything else need to check whether I have accsess rights or not?

  • HI @takagishiy,

    I completely understand your error but is not a best practice to publish a list  as a grid to a DB, instead use that list in a module and publish.

    So please create an import action for creating that list and put that action in a process and publish it to the dashboard.

    Hope this helps!!



  • Just to add, found one more interesting fact. You have to have at least one import action into that list (File import). Once you do that, if you publish that list to the dashboard it will allow you to do the import (like below SC).

    Cannot import List from Dashboard.PNG


    I hope this solves your concern.




  • Thanks a lot.

    I see that cannot import a file from dashboard publised list.

    We will try for your adviced way.