New UX UI needs to be multi-lingual to support users across the world


Hi Everyone,

The New UX does not currently support a multi-lingual interface. 

Many of our clients are asking for this to be implemented. 

It would be really beneficial for many Anaplan Users across the world (Europe, Asia, Africa, South America) for the new UX and UI to support a multi-lingual interface. 

If this is going to be implemented please can you advise of the date when? 

I have suggested an idea for it here -




  • Hi Usman.

    While the New UX isn't available in any languages other than English at the moment I wanted to reassure you that it's being built with multi-language support in mind. This will make the implementation of new languages in the future so much easier.


  • Hi,

    I also agree that it would be nice to have the New User Experience support several languages, especially when it comes to Time Periods names.