Anaplan Connect Workspace to Workspace

Hi Anaplaner,


Can I use anaplan connect to import data from workspace to another workspace ?



  • HI @Panji,

    The answer is Yes. You can run any kind of import action in Anaplan Connect, in your case it is Model to Model import between 2 different Workspaces.



  • Hi @kavinkumar 


    Thankyou for your answer, can you give me the example or do you have article about it ?

  • Hi @Panji,


    Just import the data by picking the workspace from "slelect source" and use the action created for the same in your Anapaln connect script. 




    Let me know if you need any help.




  • I know this is an old link, but have a question related.


    If I do NOT see an option to choose a workspace, what am I missing?


    Is it a permissions in a different workspace?


    Or is it something my current workspace tenant level person has to open up for me?




  • Hey Steve,


    You have to be provided workspace admin access to any model in the workspace that you are unable to access. Also, please note you cannot connect to workspaces which are not under the same customer



  • So If we have a Global instance of Anaplan and a separate Regional one, what determines the accessibility under one company?

    They were built by different partners, but they are both same company.






  • Put simply, on clicking the customer dropdown and selecting a customer, all the models that show up on the launchpad can be connected to each other using actions.
    Think of customer like a workspace for workspaces; workspaces can have many models and Customers can have many workspaces


    Is the global instance and regional instance of your Anaplan models under the same customer?