Insert text into summaries


I've got a simple list (with codes) with summaries at different levels.

I've got a module that applies this list

I've got XL file where I have codes(from the list above) and text (1 to 1)

How do I insert text from the file into the module into the summaries in my list?





  • Hi,


    Can you perhaps explain what you're trying to achieve by creating a mock up in a spreadsheet and attaching the screen shots?




  • Hi,  here is the mock-up.

    I.e I cant insert into a summaries custom text and numbers

    Tried to create a second flat list and match them but failed.

  • HI @Vladimir,

    It is not possible to enter values at Summary levels. You can create similar summary items as a separate list and use that for calculations and reporting purposes.



  • It is not possible to do directly, I know. But if you create duplicate flat list, and then using some formulae I could?