Anaplan connect error: SQL: No suitable driver found for "jdbc:oracle:thin:host:domain:port:service

Unable to connect to Oracle database using jdbc. API throwing no suitable driver found error.


1. Installed JDK 

2. placed ojdbc driver jar file in JDK lib directory as well as in anaplan connect directory.



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  • scott.smith
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    Is your Java installed under "Program Files"?  I have seen this cause a number of issues including the issue you are seeing.


    If it is installed under program files, can you reinstall it to a path with no spaces in the name. 




  • Make sure your driver is in the lib folder of your Anaplan Connect installation.

    If that doesn't work then try adding "-loadclass oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver" early in your command line. This will cause it to register itself with the JDBC driver manager.


  • tried both, still same issue. any configuration needed here?

  • With the -loadclass option, did you also get a message saying:

    Warning: -loadclass failed (Class not found: oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver)

    Also, check the connection string is correct - it should be in the form jdbc:oracle:thin:@//host_name:port_number/service_name.

    Which version of Anaplan Connect are you using? In 1.4 JDBC is configured using a file whereas older versions use options on the command line.

  • I did not see any warning message in logs with loadclass. I had put -loadclass option while calling AnaplanConnect.bat. is it how it needs to be done? I don't think it is doing anything.


    Yes, I am using connection string as you mentioned. 1.4.1 is the version of Anaplan connect.

  • Thanks a lot @scott.smith . re-installing Java on a different directory path helped resolving this issue.

  • I'd always recommend exercising caution when installing a JDK, it will often reap dividends to install it in a directory containing no spaces, often minimising the directory path length (ie. c:\jdk) as spaces can cause issues when defining search paths, environment variables etc.