We've Updated The Anaplan Way Guide Experience

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Please note: this article is out-of-date. Please visit this The Anaplan Way resource for up-to-date information.


Have you adopted The Anaplan Way, our tried-and-true methodology for implementing Anaplan applications? If not, now’s the time! We recently updated The Anaplan Way experience on the Anaplan Community, allowing for easier navigation and referencing.

The Anaplan Way Guide’s New Experience

Now, on The Anaplan Way you’ll be greeted with a streamlined experience and quick access to videos that cover the multiple stages of our methodology. Gone are the days of multiple articles, knowledge bases, and clicks to find the resources you need. Once you click The Anaplan Way guide icon, you’ll now be directed into a consolidated guide that provides an interactive and engaging training experience.

Our new experience has many exciting features, including the ability to track your overall progress through the training and the ability to download a printable version of the entire guide. Take a look below for a quick visual overview of the new experience.

What is The Anaplan Way?

The Anaplan Way is our project management methodology that has proven successful over hundreds of project implementations and across lines of business and industries. This is a methodology that ensures a successful deployment of the Anaplan platform, delivers transparency during each phase of an implementation to keep the project on track, and positions the platform for strong user adoption. The Anaplan Way is designed to be flexible and dynamic, allowing for the twists and turns that a project may face.
Many Anaplan customers do three to four releases of Anaplan within a year—each release building on the existing implementation while iterating additional bells and whistles along the way. When scoping out your Anaplan project, a best practice is to lay the foundation in the first phase and then use future phases to integrate more complex business requirements. This will help with user adoption as end users and model builders become more skilled with Anaplan and its capabilities.

Additional Resources

Visit the Anaplan Way, where you can find The Anaplan Way Guide and On Demand.  

Are you using The Anaplan Way? Let us know your thoughts about the methodology and the new experience in the comments below.