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I'm taking the basic training that involves the New UX Training Model. I seem to notice that the instructions on the document is not consistent with the interface / structure of the NEW UX e.g. training model says publish wherein the NEW UX platform it says add and context settings of pages and cards are not consistent with the ones in the training document. Also, some names of the modules in the training model is also different to the ones being referred to in the document. Is there an updated model or build guide for this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • lindascott
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    Hello Jad,
    We will be updating the online training for the New UX, along with the Build Guide, in coming weeks. Because we've continued to modify onscreen elements, improve functionality, and add features to the New UX at a rapid pace throughout both the beta and early access periods, some of live interactions in the New UX no longer exactly match the original training materials that are available online. We'll release a new version of the training prior to General Availability that will bring that all back into alignment. Since the New UX is designed to be quite intuitive to use, hopefully you were able to use the existing materials to learn the basics of the New UX, despite any differences in onscreen terminology or naming conventions!

    Linda Scott 


  • Hi @lindascott 


    Thanks for this. I was still able to take the training since the changes weren't that far from the instructions in the existing training materials. Hope to see more improvements in the future as our business is looking on exploring New UX as our new dashboard for our clients as it is more intuitive and modular compared to the existing dashboards that we have in Anaplan. Thanks for the prompt response!



  • I noticed that as well 🙂 as per the thread it wasn't a blocker. If anything, it made me think a little bit more.


    Changes are released very frequently at this stage and I agree it would take a bit too much effort to keep on top of the documentation. While it's a nice to have I would rather have the teams to concentrate on bug fixes/enhancements.

    Targeting a full review before general release seems to make sense 🙂

  • Well I’m curious how you folks started learning UX design, and what tools you used to learn the subject. I want to learn UX design but I am not sure where to start. Is there any books or online courses I 9Apps VidMate apk VLC can use to learn the subject. I know it not all about learning the tools but I want the resources to be able to understand the field. Im very picky person and I like to follow a set of instructions when I’m learning new things so if there is a book you can recommend or online courses that go from the main concepts and understanding of UX to the actual design.

  • Hi smithclarkson01, you've asked a great question! The field of UX and UX research is large, and it can often be difficult to know where to start.


    One great resource is this online course - Become a UX Designer From Scratch

    In terms of books, I'd recommend About Face: The Essentials of Interaction Design, or Smashing UX Design


    To start with the most basic thing you can do is listen to your users, ask them questions, and try to figure out the problems they're trying to solve. Provide solutions, but don't be afraid to validate and iterate.


    Hope that helps.