Export run - You are not authorised to run

Hi Team,


My requirement is to extract the data from exports and load it into the snowflake.

Currently in Postman I used the post method and create the export task




Once I received the task id I used get method to run the exports



But I am getting the response as below:



"taskId": "8C0D39D0D7554000B1947F7721xxxx",

"currentStep": "Failed.",

"progress": 0.0,

"result": {

   "details": [


       "localMessageText": "You are not authorised to run xxxxx.xls",

       "occurrences": 0,

       "type": "notAuthorised"



   "failureDumpAvailable": false,

   "objectId": "116000000005",

   "successful": false


"taskState": "COMPLETE"



Please let me know how to fix the issue.




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  • anirudh
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    Can you please check if the user role has Read/Write access to the module from which the data is exported. Ex: the action is exporting data from a module called REP02; please check in the Roles -> Modules tab if the access to the module has been given




  • Hi,


    Please check in Users -> Actions tab if the account role being used for the GET call has access to the export action.






  • Hi Anirudh


    I checked the Users -> Actions tab  the users are  having export privileges as you have shown in the screenshot.

    In the Postman when I run the export I am getting response as "You are not authorized to run xxxx.xls "






  • Can you confirm you have the authorization included in the headers similar to the attached? 


    You can:  1.  create the Post request to generate the key   2.  append that to the Token in the value column and run your request.


    Let me know if that helps.


  • To get this message there must be a problem with role-based access - either for the export or the source data (module or list).