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I'm taking a lesson list's course which is before 102 and have a question about  Central Library(list import).

I imported the data of Employees.csv, following the guide, but unlike the guide, error occurred.

So next  I filled in all source blank like photo, then I imported successfully.

Why error occurred regardless of doing same way as the guide?


central.PNGcentral 2.PNGcentral 3.PNGcentral 4.PNG

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  • sandeep_bk
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    Hi @Takamasa ,


    Your imports are failing because of the date format in the property or model time settings. Please review the same and load it again. 


    Anaplan date import.PNG


    Also, you can specify which format of the date you trying to load. 



    Hope this helps.




  • bram.kurstjens

    Hi Takamasa,


    Your first import where you map against name is correct, however Anaplan does not seem to recognize the date format you are importing. You can select the boolean next to start date and leave date (Custom Date Mapping)  and then select the right mapping (M-D-Y). See screenshots below:


    Once you have mapped them both correctly, you can run the import.





    Bram Kurstjens

  • anirudh
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    Hi Takamasa,

    You do not need to fill in the Code when importing by Name. So the blank is not what is causing the issue here. Please check the Custom Date Mapping checkbox for both Start Date and End Date and use the MMDDYYY  M-D-Y mapping.

  • bram.kurstjens
    Just a quick heads up, the format Takamasa is using is M/D/YYYY, M/DD/YYYY, MM/D/YYYY and MM/DD/YYYY. The fixed format MMDDYYYY will not work for that as it will try to match it with each character as a string. The M/D/Y format as explained in the grey box will be able to deal with single or double digit months/days/years.