Access to 102: Intro to Model Building


Good Day,


Please assist I have completed training's 100,101 and New user exp but I am still unable to access 102 training.



  • @sanelisiwe ,


    Attached document for your reference.


    Please login to and enroll for the same.


    If you are still not able to access then you will have to write an email to







  • Hi @sanelisiwe 


    I would recommend that you complete the level 1 model builder training as Anaplan are refreshing their training programs and this will be replacing 102 so its best to future proof your previous training. 


    Search for level 1 in your learning centre. 



    I hope this helps,





  • Hi  @sanelisiwe ,

    If you have access and completed 100 and 101 then you have access to 102 and 201 too.

    Please navigate using this link and screenshot for the reference.

    1. Go to

    2. Login using your Anaplan login credentials

    3. You would be directed to the page in the screenshot

    4. In the screenshot on the right you would be able to see the courses you have completed.

    5. On the top right corner, find "Learning center Menu" , click on it and select "Course Catalog" from the drop down, on the directed page,you would be able to find all the courses.(101,201,110 etc...)

    Note: Screenshot is attached for your reference.



    Abhiram K.