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I learned that  when Switchover is enabled by selecting a time period from the dropdown list, Anaplan will merge data from the Actual version prior to the Switchover period with data from the Forecast version for the rest of the fiscal year.

So  by changing data from forecast to actual on the forecast version, what is happen as merit of end user? 


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  • Niranth
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    Hi @Takamasa 


    Switch is generally used in conjunction with Formula Scope, to allow a formula up until the Current Period and allow user input for the periods after current period (Switch over period here should be same as current period). 




    It can also be used, as you observed to combine actual data with the forecast data in the version marked as 'Current' in the model



  • @Takamasa 


    SWITCHOVER is linked to the versions within the model and enables the model builder to allocate actual results to that version.


    Example - A full year has 12 periods. The current period is Period 3 and the user would like to create a new forecast to reflect changes in the business and the competitive environment. In business change is constant and organisations must make plans to reflect this. When creating this new forecast the model builder can turn on SWITCHOVER and select period 4 as the switchover period. 


    As the model builder creates the new forecast in this new version values upto period 3 will pull from the ACTUAL version while values from period 4 will SWITCHOVER to the new forecast version.


    It is used to ensure that the new forecast includes actual data for those periods that have passed as a forecast can no longer be created for these periods as actuals are known.


    Hope this clarifies.


    Chris Heathcote


  • Hi @Takamasa ,


    I don't think I understood your question. Can you please elaborate what do you mean by 'Merit of End User?' 

  • Thank you for your reply.

    I mean I want to know when you use switchover and use for what.

  • Thank you so much!

    i understand!
  • hi,


    So do we change the switchover period manually every month manually or will it get changed automatically.


    Ex - actual period is 3 , switch over period is 4

    now, next month, actual period is 4, so the switch over period is 5? do we manually change the period to 5 or will it get changed automatically




    You would need to manually change the switchover every month. 

  • Hi @Takamasa 

    Just to use accurate language and eliminate confusion...

    I would not say "Switch[over] is generally used in conjunction with Formula Scope"

     Formula Scope is a very useful tool in Anaplan but it doesn't require a switchover date to work.

    For example,  without the need for a switchover date or in a model that doesn't have a switchover date, I can utilize the  Formula Scope. I can choose that a line item formula would only apply to all versions except Actuals - for example, without the need for switchover date

    @ChrisAHeathcote provided a good explanation for the use of the switchover date.

    To answer @CommunityMember111277  question ... Yes, a switchover data is something that you need to change periodically (Monthly/quarterly), similar to the Current Date.