Colours on Timeline Charts

Hi, it looks like you can change the colours on a timeline chart, but I'm not sure how I can change the colours to be what I want them to be!

I've had a look on the Anapedia article about this, and it says that you can change colours, but not how to do this. In the Chart Options, you can select a line item that is your Bar Colour, but when I reference a line item, it is just giving me different shades of blue, however, the article shows a timeline chart that is blue, green and red (what I want!)


Does anybody have any more information that can help?


Thanks, Andrew.



  • Hi @AndrewClark ,


    You can have different colours based on 'Start date', 'End date' or any other line item (in the screen shot below I have used 'values' line item for colour). You can make this selection in the "Bar Color"  under labeling.



    If this does not work check the Chart Palettes under Dashboards -> View -> Chart Palettes.




    Hope this helps.


  • Hey Andrew - Attached is screenshots of an example that illustrates this.  I have created a line item "Name" which is the display name property of the list I am using which is process members of a budget cycle.   Each unique name represents a unique process instance but you could replace this with any list that you would like.  I then set in the chart options the bar color linked to "Name" line item.  Right now I just have 3 members and since all 3 are different you get different colors. If, by contrast, i were to duplicate the name of one list member, the color would be the same for both bars.  I am assuming that is the case for you, the line item you are using has duplicates/overlap.  


    Let me know if this helps or feel free to send more details on the dimensions/blueprint being used and we can help sort out.



  • thanks a lot jnoone and Niranth - I was part way there, but didn't know about the chart palette, so have updated that to the colours I wanted.


    This is partly working now, but unfortunately as I have more line items (so need to scroll down to see the later items), this then changes the colours when you scroll down! Any ideas on how you can show more line items so don't need to scroll?

    Thanks, Andrew.

  • Sure - Do you have a hierarchy in place for your list?  Assuming so, what you can do is publish a page selector or  dynamic grid that drives the gantt view. 


    So if you have 5 list elements that roll up to one parent, then five which roll up to second parent, publish a parent selector so the gantt updates dynamically based on selections.  I would assume there is a natural break in what you would need to review at a single time within the view, so doing this should accomplish what you need while avoiding  too much scrolling.  


  • Thanks a lot, that's an option we could look to explore - its just a flat list currently, but in theory could be made into a hierarchy!

    Cheers, Andrew.