Process Builder - Cannot create new process because of Naming Conflict



I am trying to create a New Process in Anaplan Process Builder. After entering a Name and selecting a Model, when I click on Finish, I get this error message:

"There is a naming conflict with your model structures."


In the target model, we have used standard naming conventions and don't see any conflicting names. What might be causing this error and where should i look to fix this?






  • There are some naming conventions for lists/modules that cannot be used as workflow by default creates them when you initiate. 


    Can you check if any of the below lists are being used in your model?  






    workflow single user


    Or if the module "workflow status" has been created?


    My assumption is maybe the "status" list has been created already which is causing the conflict.  Renaming it and then trying to create a new process should allow it to work.


    Hope that helps.







  • This helped. I had a list called "Status". Thanks @jnoone