Level 1 Model Building - Step missing

I am working through Level 1 Model Building: Price growth | Part 9 

There is a step that says 'Create REV04 Price Growth Rates Module'

Then at the end it says...

make sure you ...Added formulas to the line items in the REV04 and REV05 modules

There were instructions for adding formulas to REV05, but not REV04.

What are these formulas supposed to be?


  • I have the same problem... Any update?


    Many thanks,



  • There are no formulas for REV04 Price Growth Rates, it is an Input module and we want the price growth rates to be able to be manually entered or modified.  

  • @ChrisMullen Are you sure?


    As i don't ever see a import into REV04 in any of the future parts, and the formula in REV05 look at REV04 in the current instruction which is completely blank, so either way something is missing

  • I am positive.  This is designed for an end user to be able to manually input data.  This way an end user can come in and plan for a cost increase or price increase for a product family in a particular year.