How to highlight with color entire row in module based on the Boolean check is True



Could you please suggest the solution on below.


We have a requirement to highlight the entire row with color in module based on the Boolean check (i.e if it is True then highlight with color.






  • Hi Usha, 


    We can't highlight(Conditional format) based on Boolean format line item, the line item should be number format.


    Create CF Line Item,

    CF logic: If Boolean = TRUE then 1 else 0


    use this CF line item to Conditional format.


    ~Vignesh M

  • Try this

    Create a number formatted line item with the formula called Color:

    IF 'Boolean' THEN 5 ELSE 0


    Then go to conditional formatting options and use these settings



    If the parents are highlighted too brightly as compared to the other list members, set the Color line items summary to Average. Set it to none to avoid colors at the parent level entirely




  • Hi Anirudh,

    Thanks for the quick response,
    Based on the condition particular cell get highlighted, But here the requirement will be we want to highlight the the entire row based True or False.

  • Hi Usha,


    By entire row do you mean a particular line item or list member in the module?

    Try removing all dimensions in the boolean, this will make sure the whole line item gets highlighted.


  • You have to do it on each line item that is displayed, there is no option to apply on multiple cells unfortunately. 




  • Hi,

    Yes, do apply the CF on each lineitem . here is the screenshot for your reference. Capture.PNG

  • Hi Anirudh,

    Thanks for your prompt Response 🙂
    we added the conditional formatting Rule for all the Line items in module based on the same condition (i.e Boolean check).
    Now entire row is highlighted with color (based on the Boolean check).


  • Glad I could help!
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