[Tips and Tricks] Dynamic Time Graph with Time Ranges


WHAT: Creating Time Graph with extended time ranges to allow them to be dynamic in the future


WHY: Anaplan Time Graphs are limited to the time periods available when you create them. As time goes, you have to recreate them.



If you create your time graph (by time graph I mean any graph that displays time as rows or columns) with your regular model time range, next year when you add a year in the timescale, you will have to redo the graph. Annoying.

That is because Anaplan graph will only be dynamic (with a filter for example) if the time period existed in the module from which you published.

The trick comes with the Time Ranges. You can have an extra extended time range in your settings 

TR settings.PNG

Now you can temporarily change your source module to that time range (or have a copy of that module depending on your size constraints)

module setting.PNG

Publish your graph with all those years and then change the module back to the normal time range.

Add a year in your timescale and there it is, you graph is good to go for the next 10 years (or until somebody asks you to change it)


both graphs.PNG




  • @nathan_rudman 


    This might not work when your timescale is in weeks as Anaplan has put the limit on 200 items. Although there is a workaround on that but this topic has a caveat - Only when Time scale < 200 Items.


    Let me know your thoughts.




  • u06gr8
    Yep, working on a week/day timescale causes issues here.

    Has anyone come up with a decent workaround _on the workaround_ other than "a filter on "next 200 dates = TRUE" then updating to a dynamic" for this?