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Wanted to ask for a best solution of this question if possible.


I have a process hierarchy which consists of 3 levels, and I need to extend it by adding 2 more levels between levels 1 and 2 (so whatever is on Level 3 now should go to level 5, and whatever is on Level 2 will be transferred to Level 4). What is the best way to do it without losing the data?





  • @DmitryP 

    The data on the child level will not change if you amend the hierarchy, specifically anything entered (so the blue cells)


    However, if any calculations on L3 referencing L1 or L2, you will not be able to change the hierarchy unless you remove these formulae first; e.g., SUM or LOOKUP, on line items dimensioned by L3 referencing line items formatted as L1 and L2 and PARENT(ITEM(L3) references


    I've not done this for a while, but I think the steps would be

    1,. Back up the model!

    2. Export out, or back up the data on the modules holding the current L3 data

    You could create a new flat list of L3 children, create line items for each of the L3 datasets and and map the existing data into that module as security.  Once in, you'll need to remove the line item formulae

    3. Note down all references to the L2 and L1

    This is not that easy, but the first thing to look for are formulae as described above

    4. Remove all references to the L2 and L1 lists in modules dimensioned by L3.

    Anaplan won't break, so if you do try and remove the parent of L3 you will get an error message of the first occurrence of a broken formula.  If you're not using a small DEV model, allowing this to create a rollback each time, is not that productive, so it is best to try and do as much "detective" work first!

    5. Once the parents of L3 are removed, all modules by L3 will effectively be flat

    6. Create and insert the new levels and amend the parent of (new) L5. 

    7. Add the new L3 and L4 levels to your (existing) L3 details module.

    It is best practice to have system modules for each level of major hierarchies, so if you haven't already create a module dimensioned by your, (new), L5 level and create line items for L1, L2, L3, L4 formatted as each accordingly

    8. Replace the formulas from 3, by referring to the line items created in 7.


    I hope this works.  If there are any steps missing, please reply to the post so we/ can document the correct process for others in the future


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  • Hi David,


    Thank you very much for your message.


    I've tried to do it this way: added 2 more levels to the hierarchy, removed the parent relationship for the existing hierarchy so that we have a flat list and then re-assign the parents as I wanted them to be, adding more items along the way. After that, all modules which had Process hierarchy in their dimensions, had the correct level assigned to them (so for example, the module which had the lowest level as Process 3 now has the lowest level as Process 5, which is correct).


    That being said, the case can be closed I think.


    Thank you for the help!