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Hello everybody!


Currently I have really bulky module that is not used in any dashboard and line items are not referenced by any other module. I'd like to delete it though I couldn't due to the fact that there's a line item subset created using line items of this 'obsolete' module.


I would be glad if you could share the best practice how to move this line item subset to another module thus optimizing the space.


What is more: I'm wondering whether line items in the new module (that will be a base for the line item subset)  have to be built on exactly the same dimensions ('applies to') as the old ones in the 'obsolete' module?

How will it impact collect functions in other modules? 


Thank you.


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    Don't have to delete the OBSOLETE module, Just change the dimensions of the module to OBSOLETE dimension.

    Suppose you have Country and Employee list as dimensions of the module.

    Create a subset in the Country list called "Obsolete Country" and employee list called Obsolete Employee 

    Then replace the country, employee list with the Obsolete list.


    This way, without deleting anything you can reduce the module size.

    Don't include any items in the obsolete subset.



    Vignesh M


  • Dear Vignesh, 


    Thank you, it seems to work well!


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