Default selection in dependent dropdown selection

Hi All,


Do we have an option to set default value based on the dependent dropdown list selection. I have 2 lists A and B. List B is filtered based on selection from List A. I would like to know if there is a way to select display default value after a value is selected from List A dropdown.






  • Hi Aparv,

    No, currently we don't have this option.

  • Thank you for the reply Vignesh!


    In List B let say if it holds 5 values, If i select its parent from Parent A it should pick top most value as default value and display in dashboard, if List B has only only one value based on List A selection it should become default value to be displayed in dashboard.





  • Hi Aparv,

    We can achieve this through formula in another line item, but can't make it as default item in dependent drop-down.

    ~Vignesh M
  • Hi,


    As mentioned by Vignesh we don't have such functionality, by default, available in Anaplan. There are workarounds though. May be you can post this idea on Anaplan Idea exchange.